Guitar Man Racks Up More Honors

Guitar Man, a feature film directed by Rocky Capella, with principal cinematography by the Mediaseam team, continues to win prestigious awards worldwide. Here are some of the latest:

Guitar Man Nominated for Best Cinematography

The Mediaseam team earned one of only eight international nominations for “Best Cinematography In A Feature Film” at the North Europe International Film Festival. The winner will be announced at the Festival, which takes place in London February 15-22. Guitar Man is the story of a “failed” musician (“Buzzy Martin,” played by Mark Rhino Smith) […]

Mediaseam Production Takes Top Prize

Guitar Man, a feature film directed by Rocky Capella, with cinematography by Mediaseam, successfully beat out five major studio films to take the top award, Best Feature Film, at the Chandler International Film Festival last week. Starring Mark Rhino Smith, Michael X. Sommers, and Christopher Coppola, Guitar Man tells the story of musician Buzzy Martin, […]

New Drone Extends Mediaseam’s Quality Focus

The latest addition to Mediaseam’s arsenal is the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone. The Mavic 2 Pro is smaller and lighter than our M600, giving us more flexibility without sacrificing quality: the built-in color-rich 4K HDR-equipped camera on the Mavic Pro 2 gives us sharp video and photos.  According to Mediaseam Cofounder John Everding, “Mediaseam […]

Award-Winning Cinematographer Joins the Team

Jesse A. Clark, who has been involved in numerous award-winning film projects, is now a member of the Mediaseam team. Jesse has spent the past fourteen years honing his visual style behind the lens. He has produced big-brand event content (Facebook, Instagram, Samsung, Whole Foods) as well as music videos and features. Jesse has also […]

Festival Officials Praise Documentary Directors

“Stu Steinberg,” an original documentary produced and directed by the Mediaseam team, was selected as “Best Documentary” by the judges at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival last Fall. In making the announcement, the judges raved, “We were blown away by the story and struggle with PTSD that our veterans are dealing with on a daily […]

Documentary Subject Steinberg’s Book Reviewed

This is What Hell Looks Like By Stuart A. Steinberg REVIEWED IN “BOOKS IN REVIEW II,” FROM THE VVA VETERAN Stuart Allan Steinberg served in the U. S. Army from 1967 until 1971 as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal operator. Wherever he went he was greeted with respect. “E-O-Fucking-D,” someone would intone. He helped clean up […]

Mediaseam Documentary Takes Top Prize

  A documentary film profiling NVRA Chairman Stu Steinberg has been named “Best Feature Film” by Oregon Documentary Film Festival judges – their highest honor. The award was given at the festival in Portland on November 11, 2017 – Veterans Day. The film was produced and directed by the Mediaseam team. From the Oregon Documentary […]