What & Who We Are

What & Who We Are

We’re a small, nimble multimedia production company specializing in high-level international location shoots using only state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge drone technology, and the most talented people. Whether it’s for a crowd-funding campaign, documentary, or website introduction — for-profit or non-profit — the Mediaseam crew delivers high-quality audio, video and web production with professionalism and passion.


We're guided by a board composed of the best of the best from all corners of the business and production worlds.

John Everding

Stuart Steinberg, JD, LLM

Jay Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Morter
Chief Operating Officer

Gary Sater
Chief Financial Officer

Oscar Bucher
Director; Executive Advisor, Film Production/Editing

Evan Rivera Lee
Assistant Director of Film Production; Drone Master

Jesse A. Clark

Theodor Pardo
Executive Adviser

Preston Brawn
Executive Adviser

Laura Doherty
Production Consultant

Todd Lezon, JD, LLM
Of Counsel